Lenox Tire & Wrecker Service
11 S Robinson St Lenox, Georgia 31637
(229) 546-4119

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Latest reviews for Lenox Tire & Wrecker Service 4.5/5.0 stars (2 reviews)

Brian Hastings in Atlanta, GA ****
On my way to Jennings GP from Atlanta, my enclosed trailer blew a tire! Fortunately, Lennox was nearby. Although they didn't have my size tire in stock, they did help me get one nearby and let me use their tools and parking lot even though they were closing up. Thank you Lenox!
Leah James in Lenox, GA *****
Thank you Lenox for your fast service!!! The crew was professional, friendly, and by far the most helpful group of guys we've dealt with. These guys get my highest recommendation and should be your first choice for roadside service in this area!

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